Our team looks forward to taking the entire, cumbersome task of COI management off your plate
allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Certificate of Insurance Management

 In an expanding economy, opportunities abound, but the basics of risk management are as important as ever. Businesses are regularly entering into contracts that include important risk management provisions, but are you sure that your subcontractors and vendors are actually in compliance? Modern insurance policies include so many exclusions and limitations, that it’s not as simple as just checking limits on a Certificate of Insurance (COI). 

 We consider the unique nature of your business and the language in your contracts, including relevant exclusions, AI forms and endorsements, because a COI on its own is worthless. Our team works with your vendors/subcontractors’ insurance agents to ensure that they are meeting your contractual requirements. 

Excellon Risk Solutions leverages the industry leading GotMyCerts platform to gather more than just a COI and monitor ongoing compliance. 

Reduce your risk of an incorrect or missing Additional Insured endorsement or Waiver of Subrogation. Our system requires insurance agents to disclose coverage exclusions that could negatively impact our customer. 

By continuously monitoring compliance and following up with vendors and their insurance agents on your behalf, we not only reduce the risks of missing documents during an insurance audit, but unpaid claims in the event of a loss.

 Coverage Verification Done Right

The Best Tools

GotMyCerts (GMC) was designed by true industry experts to address the increasing complexity of insurance policies and shifting contractual requirements. We leverage the power and flexibility of GMC combined with the human touch of our trained staff to ensure that vendors and contractors meet contractual coverage requirements. By using a commercial system, a client can convert back to self managed coverage verification at any time. 

Follow UP

One of the biggest challenges in self managing coverage verification is just getting vendors and their insurance agents to send the correct information. GMC provides granular detail on what’s required, but getting an agent to provide it can be a challenge. We’ve worked with hundreds of insurance agents and can guide them through the process to ensure that you get the documents you need on a timely basis. 

Robust Reporting

When the auditor calls, you’ll be ready. Not only can you access all coverage verification data in the GMC system, but our trained staff will assist you in compiling the necessary information for a smooth audit. 

*This is not a legal review service. Insurance companies constantly update the language in common documents. We confirm that agents have provided the requested documents, but we are not responsible for interpretation of their content.