About Us

HR Pros began as a white label provider of HR services to channel partners like independent insurance agencies. Our package of services allowed smaller firms to better compete in a crowded market without incurring the high fixed costs of a dedicated team. We quickly branched into project based HR consulting and then comprehensive HR outsourcing.

We grew almost exclusively through referral. The size and complexity of our clients steadily increased. First, we checked off state after state in the US, we then gained international clientele, working with firms based in Canada, Europe and Asia, with employees scattered around the globe.

At the same time, we continued to diversify our offerings, adding operational management and financial analysis services to create a wholistic portfolio. We’ve also built a robust network of partners from massive payroll companies to CPAs, attorneys, and even IT consultants that help us reduce costs for our clients while providing more services. Our business process outsourcing runs the gamut from payroll processing, insurance coverage verification, customer service, purchasing, bookkeeping and more. 

On any given day, our professionals could be helping a US firm startup a subsidiary in Asia, discussing US employment issues with a company in France, monitoring payroll expenses of a UK subsidiary, and updating a Canadian employee handbook. We accomplish this with an expanding team that can help manage growing multinational firms, but still provide exceptional support to smaller companies that have a quick help desk question or need a handbook review.

Focus on what makes your business unique, let us handle the rest.